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Perfection is Not What Gets You Results!

Meal planning doesn’t have to be perfect…


You finally took the time to sit down and do all your meal planning for the week.  You made your grocery list and have everything bought and ready to go for the week ahead.  Feeling a great sense of pride and accomplishment, you begin your week with a feeling of control and preparedness.

Then life hits!

Your boss asks, more like demands, that you stay and work overtime.  The kids have a huge assignment due tomorrow that, once again, they’ve put off until the last minute.  Or maybe you come home to find that your husband forgot to take out the trash, even though you asked him numerous times. Now, the dog has gotten into the trash, gotten sick, and puked on the floor; the list of things that life can throw at us goes on and on…

When this happens, the thought of chopping up vegetables and spending an hour cooking the “healthy” meal you had planned sends you over the edge.

Screw it!!  You pick up the phone and order pizza.

With a full tummy of delicious pizza, you sit down for the first time today and relax.  Then, the feeling of guilt and failure hits you like a ton of bricks.

“How can I derail myself like that? I had a plan!  I am such a failure!  No wonder I can’t lose weight!”

This is when you need to take a step back and realize that you are not a failure; you are human.

Weight loss does not require perfection to happen.  It happens with consistency.

Life will always throw you obstacles to overcome.  You can accept that you ate the pizza and enjoyed it.  Tell yourself tomorrow is a new day and get back on track, no worse for the wear. Or you can beat yourself up, causing yourself more stress over something that really didn’t matter in the big picture.

Those who are successful embrace the imperfection of meal planning, calorie tracking, and focus on the big picture!

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