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A Good Nutrition Coach is Not Just about Giving You Calories and Macros

There are free macro calculators all over the internet. If it was as simple as just hitting numbers and working out, then the obesity rate wouldn’t be at an all-time high. Gym memberships are also at an all-time high, but only 5% of diets are successful, with most gaining the weight back, plus a little more in the end.

Yes, fat is lost when a calorie deficit is created. The wrench that gets thrown in that system is that your body is the most sophisticated, complicated machine every created. It was designed to survive, thrive, and procreate. It doesn’t care that you want 6 pack abs. It doesn’t care that you want to get to XXX on the scale or get to a size X. If there is something out of whack in regard to hormones, sleep, gut heath or excess stress, it is near impossible to have a successful fat loss outcome when any type of calorie deficit is introduced.

A calorie deficit is seen by the body as a stressor. If the body is not in homeostasis, no amount of a deficit will get permanent results. Your body is also very adaptive. If you have been surviving on 1400 calories for an extended period of time, but your maintenance calories are closer to 2000, this will become your new set point for lack of a better term, causing the weight loss to plateau.

Just as the best results come from the gym changing reps and having a long-term plan, successful fat loss comes with nutrition periodization also.

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