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Healthier Fish and Chips


Baked Fish and Chips

I get very excited this time of year as all the church’s start doing their fish fry’s for Lent.  Fish and chips definitely are in my top 10 foods to splurge on once or twice a year.  Unfortunately, no matter how delicious they are, I usually feel bloated and uncomfortable right after from all the grease (yes, I know they do a baked version, but come on it’s a splurge!😜)  

I found this recipe and was so excited to be able to enjoy a much healthier version more often than once or twice a year that almost tastes as good as the real thing, but you will feel much better after eating it.

Find the recipe at :   https://www.simplehealthykitchen.com/healthy-oven-baked-fish-chips/

Pair it along with this version of a lower calorie coleslaw and what more could a girl ask for!🤗

Recipe here:  https://www.healthyseasonalrecipes.com/skinny-classic-coleslaw/

Hope you enjoy!

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